The landslide oath and our responsibilities

Well! Well! Well! The much awaited 11th Parliamentary Election of Bangladesh is over. The landslide oath is also over. But the unlimited flow of congratulations, observations, reactions and allegations are not over. Surely the greetings pour will end in short time but the allegations will be continued as Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, the General Secretary of Bangladesh Nationalist Party said the election was a cruel mockery to democracy. Finally Jatiya Oikyafront submitted a memorandum to the election commission demanding a fresh election under a non-partisan administration.

Anyway, in many ways this election is similar to the first Parliamentary election held in 1973. That time Bangladesh Awami League won 282 seats with 73.20 percent votes. This time Awami League led Grand Alliance won 288 seats and separately AL obtained 257 constituencies. The surprising fact is that this time also Awami League got 86.9 percent votes. Both times, of course there are many reasons behind: the Founding Father of the Nation, charismatic leadership, great vision, solved a lot of problems, developments, and many more. On the other hand there are same kinds of allegations and questions too. Even the Founding Father Bangabandhu Sheik Muzibur Rahman could not skip them. According to some international media and analysts the winning possibility was very high for the ruling government; nevertheless, the attitudes and the irregularities during the election time are very much concerning. These are painful too, and for the Jatiya Oikyafront these have been disastrous on 30 December 2018.

If the situation is repeated in the next Parliamentary Election, then the democracy will be engraved here in Bangladesh. And for the catastrophe, the ruling parties will not solely be responsible. Firstly and lastly all the political parties will be blamed. Apparently, general people have nothing to do to save the politics or to change it by any means. Only politicians can take the decisions to glorify their profession and make it noble as it was; once upon a time in this locality.

The optimistic sign is that after the landslide victory Obaidul Quader, the General Secretary of Bangladesh Awami League called upon his fellows not to be revengeful to the opponents. And the Honorable Prime Minister Sheik Hasina also stated that this is not the time to celebrate but to build Bangladesh. “People who remain in power for long become monsters. But we shouldn’t be monsters. Rather, we will have to be humbler because of the trust the people put in us by giving their huge support in the election,” Hasina said, while addressing the Awami League Parliamentary Party’s maiden meeting after the 11th parliamentary election. She also said her party’s main challenge would be to fulfill the pledges in the election manifesto. “So work sincerely,” she asked her party lawmakers, and warned them against indulging in corruption” source- The Daily Star. So the expectation will be from the politicians is; let it happen. And it should be remembered if an opportunity is not served properly; it can be lost too early.

On the other hand, in politics defeats can snatch away power and dignity but never the responsibility. Politicians just like magician can influence or move the mass people towards delighted accomplishments. But unfortunately they never use the power rather they focus on spending much time and energy on complaints and protests against some issues. Forgetting that as politicians, they are committed to serve the people, but they only target the power. That’s the very unfortunate political culture but possible to make it a proud story by going to the people now and listen to their words and trying to be with them, some good initiatives for the betterment of the country. If the leaders of Jatiya Oikyafront can simply do those things, they will rise like the phoenix in future.

Shockingly, in the meantime, Syed Ashraful Islam, a true political star has passed away! “He was one of the brightest stars in Bangladesh politics. Known for his honesty, humility and simplicity, he was a giant of a politician. He was a charismatic leader too, but more than anything else, he commanded respect from across the political spectrum, a rarity in Bangladesh politics. Syed Ashraful Islam had built an image of his own in a country where politicians often thrive on muscle power, greed and cronyism. But with his own brand of politics and oratory prowess, he lifted the ethical standards in politics” reported The Daily Star.

Such a great political personality! Alas, we don’t have much like him! The sad true is that during his lifetime we being irrespective of party or followers didn’t acclaim his political behavior and great contributions to Bangladesh. If we could do that his achievements could be much bigger and our beloved country by this time would be lifted to a more higher level. Let’s stop being inactive and start talking about positive politics across the country. It does not matter which party the leaders belong to, what matters is that the positive initiative and achievement.

It is really great to see that in recent times, media have started to promote the political achievements. This has to be continued and should be directed to individual accomplishments of the political leaders. It is also noticeable that no longer the general people are attracted or moved with the mere passion; rather they have started to find some reasons to follow the political figures. In this context, non-partisan media and civil society can help the general people to find the exact reasons by promoting the positive and great initiatives as well as the proud achievements endeavored by political leaders.

Acting out positive political competitions by the political leaders and promoting them by the media to make sure that the mass people are following them can be a massive change overnight which can lead us to the level we dream of. There is no other option, even for the entire world with another hundred years to step up to the position.

Repon Kisku Nomad, Entrepreneur, The Best Politician Award

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  1. The Fact is that, we are being quit irrespective to other political parties and Power is our only core value in our party. Thats why there is no fresh activities of political parties. But, it would be changed one day.!!

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