Preface to The Best Politician Award

Youths spirited with patriotism always love to dream of a better future for their countries. They desire to break the so called boundaries to spread the new light of beauty among all. When they nourish the real youthful passion, they solve all the prevailing problems in their mind and desire to make them happen. This kind of youth has been calling me always to do something for my beloved country. In the worst situation of our politics, I could not but accept the aesthetic call. And despite many adversities I am stick to the position.

My dream is that the politicians will cover their stigma themselves by their creative strategies and expected services to the people. They will show the people of our country how to love her. Their visions will guide us to lead a decent life. This time the politicians of our country will be the ideal icons for us and the rest of the world. This time, 3 million martyrs and over 200,000 sexually tortured women’s dream and the dream of nearly 180 million people will come true. Soon, the whole world is going to be impressed observing impressive Bangladesh. And for this, a very important role will be played by The Best Politician Award. This initiative will be a panacea to solve all the prevailing problems.

Just to clarify, the program will only focalize the good activities and successful stories which will be achieved by the politicians. And try to award the best ones. Thus, a congenial environment will be created everywhere to ensure accountability, transparency, good governance and democracy. In this way, corruption as well as the political unrest will start reducing with a new dimension. Ultimately, this will be a massive assistance to the development activities we have by government, different individuals or institutions, the national and international NGOs to build a better Bangladesh.

I have started to walk keeping the beautiful scenery in my heart we all irrespective of rich and poor, caste, color, and creed forgetting feud and pride will build a new wonder and that is Bangladesh!

Repon Kisku Nomad, Entrepreneur, The Best Politician Award

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